Customer reviews

"Malwa Meats’ biryani is a tantalizing blend of aromatic spices and tender, flavorful meat. Each bite bursts with rich, authentic flavors that make it a standout dish. A must-try for biryani enthusiasts! 🔥🤯🔥"

- Josh Wagler

How was your MMT experience?

Went here on the 22nd and got Tikka Masala and Naan, it was amazing! Made my feel really good, and was a hefty portion. There are some chairs to sit, but it’s mostly catered to takeout or grabbing your butchered meat. Nice guys in there would go back

- Kristopher Sousa

Trying it for the first time. Customer dealing is good. Trying soya chap for the first time. They have different variant Marinated and plane so you can cook your own way. They can also bake it your way in the shop as well. It far from Kitchener but worth trying

- Sawdeep Singh Bedi